Rental Credit Check

Rental Credit Check

For many people throughout the world, the main form of housing comes in the form of an apartment.  Apartments are fantastic because they offer cheap living solutions and are found in nearly every city.  Despite the many benefits associated with apartments, many people face one common problem when trying to apply for one: they often get their credit checked and are turned down on the basis of having a terrible credit score.

This may seem unfair for many people considering how vital having a place to live can be, but there are some common tips and tricks that can be used to help alleviate this common problem.

Oftentimes, you will have your credit checked when you are applying to live in an apartment.  Below are some of the most common reasons on why you would have your credit checked prior to being accepted to live in an apartment:

  • Check for late payments – Let’s face it, if you were a landlord you wouldn’t want a tenant who has chronically late payments.  The main thing that the landlord is worried about is receiving the rent money on time each month.
  • Check for bankruptcy – If you’ve had a bankruptcy in the past, it either signals you were irresponsible with your money or you ran into a streak of terrible luck.  Either way, your potential landlord will probably deny your application.
  • Criminal history – While your criminal history isn’t included in your credit report, your future landlord will probably check your criminal history to see what your record is.  If you’ve had a couple of misdemeanors or traffic violations, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.  But, if you’ve been convicted of a felony, your chances of being accepted into the apartment are slim.


It is vital that you improve your credit score or ensure you have a excellent credit score if you’re going to be applying for an apartment.  Below are some solid tips on how to improve or maintain a fantastic credit score:

  • Make all payments on time
  • Continue to use credit cards to build your credit score
  • Dispute any issues with your report
  • Pay off as much credit card debt as possible

Getting into an apartment isn’t as simple as most people believe, as there are many hoops that you usually have to jump through.  One of the largest hoops is a thorough credit examination that will undoubtedly happen sometime during the application process.  By following the tips laid out in this article, you can be sure you will pass the test and get on with your life.